Mr. Dave Robin: Founder and CEO
Mrs. Julia Truman: COO

Under the guidance of its management, On-Point Real Estate Solutions operates a small niche team of permanent staff, as well as a skilled roster of project-based location experts who will scout and compile relevant properties. The team's expertise ranges from local legal, political, and infrastructure regulations, to economic market knowledge that speaks to investment feasibility, and much more.


On-Point Real Estate Solutions specializes in finding real estate properties that are best-suited to fit our clients' needs. Whether you're looking to invest or build in any number of real estate projects - from R&D centers to small business sites,commercial developments to resorts - On-Point will utilize its global network of property scouts and local market experts to identify the perfect location for your investment or expansion needs.

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On-Point Real Estate Solutions is a company with international reach which operates globally through a network of local scouts and real estate agents that explore specific venues, investigate locations first-hand, and report back with up- to-date information about property and market viability.


On-Point Real Estate Solutions was founded in 2015. During the first few years of its operations, we worked primarily in the European market. Since 2018, we have begun expanding into the Far East, notably Hong Kong.


There are several factors that set On-Point apart from the rest.

First and foremost is our dedication to our clients. We work according to your specific needs, and guide every project according to your short and long term goals. Next is our extensive network of local scouts, who can find and investigate any potential property first hand, and provide critical market-specific information for any location. Third is our streamlined approach to property scouting and acquisition, providing you a one-stop shop for your next investment project. Our customized service helps you bypass the frustration of dealing with multiple real estate brokers or sorting through dozens of property listings in a foreign language. We will provide you with a comprehensive and clear list of property options making it much easier for you to choose the right one.