On-Point Real Estate Solutions works to find the location and property solution that best suits your business venture. While each scouting project takes a different form according to the client's needs, goals, and restraints, our process tends to follow a similar structure.


On-Point starts every project by talking with its clients about their exact needs and requirements. Are you looking to build a new resort, or simply open a new office abroad? Are you developing a technology park or a shopping center? We want to understand your exact obj ectives as well as your short and long term goals to best identify the ideal location for your project. For example, if you're opening an office with five people but have plans to expand to 30 within a year, that will drastically change the size of the space.

We also want to understand your budget, the type of property you're interested in obtaining (for example empty construction site or preexisting infrastructures), the location, the size expectations, and any other specifications.

During these consults, On-Point will also share advice according to our expertise and experience so that together we are arriving at the perfect solution for your business.

This consult provides us the information we need to find the perfect location for your next project, and gives you the security of knowing that your business goals have been well considered.


Once we know your wants, needs, and restrictions, On-Point sets its scouting team into motion. There are two main teams that will work to find the best property for you.

Our office team is well-versed both in websites and online contacts that can help us understand the scope of properties available, and also provide some starting off points for our on-site team. The on-site team consists of property scouts and real estate brokers spread throughout the world who will utilize their local networks to find additional properties, often some that are not yet even on the market. These scouts will also visit properties first hand, run relevant inspections into structural soundness and security, and provide detailed evaluations as to their assessment of the property.


After the teams run their searches and determine several quality options, the two teams meet with management to identify the top recommendations according to both property condition and the client's needs.

We then present to you the entire list of results, highlighting our recommendations and rationale. This list outlines property details, and includes photos of the properties. We also provide site plans, pricing comparisons, ownership history, inspection results, and other details for your review and assessment.


After receiving the results, On-Point will work with you to narrow down the list into the top three choices. The next steps after that differ according to client.

The most recommended option is for a representative from your company to see the properties in person. On-Point will arrange your travel and set up an itinerary to make time not only for seeing the properties, but for any meetings or transactions that may take place after in the expectation of a successful find. A representative from the On-Point office as well as the local On-Point scout will meet you there to answer questions about the properties and market, and also arrange the necessary meetings and paperwork for leasing or acquisition.

If you're unable to travel to the sites first-hand, we will arrange a conversation with the on-site scout so that you can get direct answers about the property, and better understand the market. On-Point will then help arrange remote meetings to coordinate the necessary transactions.


On-Point is always accessible to its clients, even after you sign the lease or contract on your new property. Clients can always contact us directly through the client portal with questions or concerns, even if you just need a recommendation for local assistance.